Saturday, June 22, 2013


Public message to my family and fellow Brazilians.

My friends, children and grandchildren who are on the streets in Brazil filled with indignation at the condition of the country's ethics,

As I see the escalating situation, with the innocent people in their just cause, beginning to be infiltrated and contaminated by the famous "hidden forces," (in Brazil during the time just before the military dictatorship was established in 1964, the media used this approach to define the forces that were taking over the government), I see the need to express myself  directly.

Don not let yourselves be swayed by the powerful influence and excitation of the masses. It is time to settle down and plan. A public demonstration is only the first step. This charged eruption reveals a moment where emotions accumulated by everyday difficulties, the constant exposure to social injustice, and lack of morals of our representatives,  reveal a vision for a better future. Nevertheless, do not be misled by the need for immediate gratification of an adolescent. There is no immediate gratification, no matter how much we want something or how beautiful our vision is; nothing can be manifested by magic. Magical consciousness is part of a childish mentality, fairy tales already told us.

In fairy tales the hero and heroine get on the way after an inner calling and a vision of a better society. But as we all know, it is not where the story ends-- that's where it all begins. Heroes/ines still have to face the monsters, giants, witches, and dragons, the famous "hidden forces." The only way to avoid the eruption of these occult forces is negotiation and organization. Do not fall for the seduction of the march, which like carnival or football soon becomes an addiction, a "trip," an escape from the responsibility to make the changes ourselves. Evolutionary changes take time and engagement, commitment and discipline. In social evolution there is no immediate gratification. It is the result of the dedication of a lifetime of commitment, without being corrupted along the way by the temptations of political or economic power. Who's ready for this? The initial vision come as an explosion, an insight or a demonstration. To bring it to manifestation takes a lifetime of struggle, of compassion and discipline. Are we ready?

Where to start is the next question. First we identify the main question - what is the fundamental change that we seek? This change seems to be well defined by a word that went out of fashion and I have not yet seen in any street poster: ethical renovation!! This is what we are seeking: a new morality for a new social reality. We are feeling the emptiness of it in our lives at all levels. Corruption of our values ​​and our social contract is what is bothering us. The solution is not to throw out this government or any other. But demand from the government, by all legal means, the necessary reforms until change is achieved. Only thus we may avoid the eruption of the hidden forces of fascism, militarism, repression and savage capitalism.

Ethics has no party and morality without moralizing have no color and do not belong to any faction. It belongs to everyone. And this is what is uniting people on the streets even if they do not realize it. Now it is time for cool heads and clear thinking. How many petitions and lists of signatures have already been made ​​to governments and all relevant organs? What are the legal ways for these claims? We must use our institutions. Sue the government, but by the courts, if they are corrupt, denounce it. The demonstration is a great power and must be used. But abused, it also corrupts and becomes abuse and destruction.

Wake up Brazil, but wake wisely. We do not want the past back. We need to build the future. We need to address our social and ethical problems now, so we can solve the ecological problems that will be our next nightmare. This is my message. I have been in the streets, made ​​speeches, spoke on television and in the United Nations. I saw my friends and brother tortured and executed by the dictatorship, I spent a night with a gun in my chest being interrogated. I say to young people today: seek a little wisdom to know the right path of social transformation, instead of having your future truncated by hidden unconscious personal and collective forces. Remember that fascism and abuse of power has been present in all sorts of politics--left or right.

We, children of previous decades have seen a world much worse. We gave our lives, and we opened the doors for you. I assure you that the world is better today. Now it's your turn, you will take the next step. But you must learn to use the instruments of a democratic constitution. We need more surveillance of Congress and well funded NGOs who identify the problems and prepare instruments for people to engage. Social monitoring is a permanent role. Never ends. Regression can happen anytime and it happens, just look around the internet.

Today, we are not alone, this phenomenon is occurring in many parts of the world simultaneously, with different features. But the devil is in the details. We need to examine our history to know the forces at play and know how to act within our historical reality.

Oliveira Angela Harkavy/Ani Chime


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